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Junior Tennis

Simply the Best

Our philosophy is to give each student the opportunity to become the best player he/she can be by giving them the proper foundation to grow their skills. Our programs provide a learning atmosphere to help students develop the physical, mental, technical, tactical, and strategic components of tennis.

RRC Red & Orange Program Winter 18-19

RRC Jr Tournament & Green Ball Application Winter 18-19

Tournament Group & Green Ball Group Application

Red & Orange Group Application (10 & Under) 

Red 1 (8&U)

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Turn sideways when serving, volleying, and ground stroking
  • Volley – short volley stroke
  • Use the one part service motion (scratch back) and toss

Orange II (10&U)

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Use of proper grips on all strokes
  • Use of proper swing patterns
  • Use of spin
  • Rally with topspin

Orange I (10&U)

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Use the above skills plus play Orange Ball USTA Tournaments

Junior Green Ball, Intermediate

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Directional rally
  • Learn basic patterns of play
  • Learn advanced skill/take ball on rise/out of air
  • Spin and placement on serve

RRC Academy & Tournament Program

Monday thru Friday 4:00pm-7:00pm

  • 18 Hours a week of Academy training
  • Two hours a week of fitness training
  • Monthly tournament evaluations and team travel
  • Quarterly meetings and guest speakers
  • Must meet criteria and have approval of Academy Director

“My wife and I really enjoy the clinics offered at RRC. The Pros are very knowledgeable, great to work with, and my game has absolutely improved. And eating dinner afterwards at Match Point Grill is our favorite thing to do. Chef Jason is amazing! ”